Pre-Production creates the blueprint to bring your product or service to air 

During pre-production we will hold a series of meetings to formulate a precise and effective approach for your product or service. Our award-winning producers and script writers will create a creative strategy that will then be used to plan production and post-production work.

During Pre-Production we focus on:
• Planning your overall creative and sales strategy
• Scripting your show or commercial
• Interview and scheduling testimonial talent
• Casting a host or spokesperson
• Begin designing the creative look for your show or commercial
• Location scout for production
• Schedule all necessary crew and gather all needed equipment
• Create a production schedule
• And much, much more …

We will work with you hand-in-hand to ensure a successful final DRTV campaign.

Click on a set drawing below to see the final video production-ready screen grab:

SonoBello set design drawings


Hair Club Set Design Drawings


Better Trades DRTV Set Design

Better Trades