Pre-Production creates the blueprint to bring your product or service to air.

During pre-production we will hold a series of meetings to formulate a precise and effective approach for your product or service. Our award-winning producers and script writers will create a creative strategy that will then be used to plan production and post-production work.

During Pre-Production we focus on:

• Planning your overall creative and sales strategy
We develop a comprehensive strategy tailored to your target market
through effective tools such as compelling scriptwriting and competitive

• Scripting your show or commercial
We write every word with the expertise of how to get the viewer involved
in your story. Whether to relate to the problem at hand or to find the
solution they were looking for, we have one goal in mind: to trigger the
desired response.

• Interview and scheduling testimonial talent
We prescreen every testimonial and choose the most authentic and
persuasive ones for your DRTV campaign. Lastly, our editors add
professional animations, transitions, and color corrections to your high-
definition footage.

• Casting a host or spokesperson

• Begin designing the creative look for your show or commercial
With our years of experience in creating successful infomercials, we know
which creative concepts are trending in your industry and how to use
them to grab the attention of your target audience.

• Location scout for production
Our expertise for scouting locations comes into play when you want to
shoot out of our studio. We search top locations all over Florida, and the
US, to find the best to suite your production.

• Schedule all necessary crew and gather all needed equipment
Our award winning team of producers, directors, writers, DPs and editors
use only the highest-quality video equipment to produce your video in
our state-of-the-art facility. We do everything from preproduction to post
in our studio.

• Create a production schedule
Our producer’s create timely production schedules that will fit your

• And much, much more …

We will work with you hand-in-hand to ensure a successful final DRTV campaign.

Some Pre-Production Blue Prints and Actual Sets

Hair Club

Hair Club Set Design Drawings

Hair Club | Actual

Hair Club DRTV Set Design


SonoBello set design drawings

SonoBello | Actual

SonoBello DR Television Set

Better Trades

Better Trades DRTV Set Design

Better Trades | Actual

Better Trades Long Form Infomercial Set Design