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Below is a partial FAQ of commonly asked question.

Is DRTV Right for My Service or Product?

At Canvas Films, we are asked that all the time. We measure our success as a company in the amount of successful spots we bring to air, not by the amount of clients we have.  If direct response media is not right for you, we will tell you, because a failed infomercial is not only bad for the you, but bad for Canvas Films. Many time Canvas Films has had infomercials ranked in the Top 10 of the Jordan Whitney Greensheets.

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What Type of DRTV Works for Me?

This is a question that does not have a one answer fits all solution. Each product and service needs to have a unique approach in order to ensure you are getting the most value for your money spent. At Canvas Films we use our years of experience, as well as in-depth market research, to help you choose and produce the correct campaign to make sure you receive maximum ROI.

However, we do find there is one saying that holds true in most case; SEEING IS BELIEVING.  Nothing is more effective than having the proper “before and after” testimonials to help people understand how your product or service can change their life for the better.  Weight loss, cosmetic procedures, exercise equipment, acne products, even car care products; all need compelling testimonials and amazing before and after shot to make the viewer a believer.  And believers equal sales.

At Canvas Films we will take as long as is necessary to get the proper people for your testimonials and the proper footage for dramatic before and afters.  Often times this means interviewing many people, just to be able the pick the few that are right for your production. Our casting producers are experts at making sure we get the right people, for the right project.

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What are the Different Formats of Direct Response TV?

Long Form Infomercial | 28min. 30sec. | 5 min.
Short Form Spots | :30 | :60 | :120 seconds
• Company & Product Branding Spots
• Web Site Creation | SEO | Mobile Marketing
• Radio commercials
• Viral Videos
• Social Media | YouTube | Vine Videos

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Why Does Direct Response Work?

It’s accountable

Unlike general branding advertising, DRTV allows you to track the sale process according to when you media airs. Using this data you can better narrow in on what is working best in your CTA and use that to further maximize your success.

It conveys an immediate call to action to viewers

Call now operators are standing by, go to our website now for our latest offer, available in all major retailers, etc.  The CTA drives to the consumer to make a decision and purchase your product or service.

It is always selling, even when you are not

You can be sleeping, out on the golf course playing the back 9, even on vacation; but while you are doing all of that, your DRTV spots are airing on TV and driving people to buy your product or service.

It is scaleable

Pick the format that works best for you. Long format infomercial, short form commercial spot, even :15 and :30 second website pre-rolls videos. Each format accomplished a different task from educating a view to causing an immediate call to action and our campaign managers will help you decide what is right for you.

It educates the consumer

An educated consumer soon becoming an actively buying consumer. With a long form infomercial you have plenty of time to fully educate the consumer on the benefits and advantage of your product or service.


The list could go on forever.

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